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For those that don't mind starting before the sun rises and going until the beat is done.


If this is your ONE outing of the season you want to make the most of it. Starting early gives you the best shot at some of the bigger fish that tend to be more active during low light hours.


Fishing is a hunting game and while the tide goes slack and things seem to "die down", it won't be for long. Take a break, eat, relax and get ready for the second shift as the tide changes direction.  


Hearty snacks and Lunch included.

WE FISH WITH ARTIFICIAL FLIES AND LURES AND ENCOURAGE the practice of CATCH AND RELEASE.  However, any angler is allow a "keeper"(1/day) that fits in the slot indicated by the rules  which in the state of Maine 2022 will be between 28"-35" inches.

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