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"The more I learn,  the less I know"

At CONFLUENCE FISHING, the core mission of our service is to guide you to the best fishing in our area suitable for your skill and interest and a little instruction goes a long way.


From basic navigation, boat designs, docking, accesses, fish behavior, fishing equipement, electronics and tackle, there's always something new to learn, casting methods to refine and beautiful places to discover.

You might already know that the BENEFITS of having a guide by your side are well worth it as years of experience are at your disposal to take the guest work out of your pursuit.

If you or your loved one are new to the sport, taking a lesson (or a few) will prove the BEST INVESTMENT you can make for the enjoyment of your new hobby for years to come.

From a 30 mins session on a pond or grassy meadow to a few hours of fishing, we can craft a lesson to suit your needs and take your fishing to the next level.

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