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Created over the years to fulfill the needs of families and small groups with interest in different activities.  This trip has been developed with our dear friends at BIO BIO EXPEDITIONS.  Over two decades of running a multisport camp in the Futaleufu Valley and many other fine adventures in far reaches of the earth.  BIO BIO EXPEDITIONS is hands down the BEST outfitter in the Futaleufú River Valley.

The camp's location and amenities provides the perfect venue to fully enjoy everything that the Futaleufu River Valley has to offer.  The best way to a week full of adventure is this all inclusive program where you can fish to your hearts content as well as enjoy any of the light adventure alternatives to compliment your fishing days or those of your non- angling companions.  

Bio Bio's rustic yet sophisticated camp outfitted with hot showers, sauna, hot tub, professional massage, yoga, fine cuisine, open bar, mesmerizing views, comfortable and almost luxurious sleeping arrangements, will make this experience like no other fishing trip.

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