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The Bass is yet to come

Updated: May 18, 2022

As temperatures slowly start climbing, we are getting ready for the Striped Bass migration to arrive here to Mid Coast

Welcome to our blog, where we are going to keep you updated about the latest action on the #Stripedbass migration and there whereabouts around here in #midcoastmaine

So far we are just getting geared up prepping the boat and tackle, checking electronics, batteries and the such, getting really excited but resisting the temptation to jump out there just yet. While there will be fish to be caught right now the temperature swings and often windy conditions tells me to stay of the salt and wait a little longer.

The rivers inland are at a prime time for going after cold water native's brookies, brown trout, rainbows and a little salmon action!

Stay tuned, and get ready cause the BASS IS YET TO COME!

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